if there’s one thing I’ve learned

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from attempting to restart this entire blog thing, it’s that trying to do it after my Friday night shift might not be such a good idea. It seemed like a good idea at the time, seeing as I don’t work on Saturday, and so I can write all night after I finish my bar shift. But we drink when our shift is over, and while I don’t drink a lot (or at least, not enough to get me arrested if I was pulled over), it’s enough to accentuate the sleepiness that accompanies an eight hour shift..

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Fact: The lithium ion batteries found in most smartphones today are expected to maintain at least 80% of their original capacity for around 300 to 500 full charge cycles. That a pretty wide range. For me, a heavy user and charger, that means I get about one good year before my battery starts to poop out.

There are two liquids sold by the litre that people everywhere always worry about the price of fuel and milk. But while fuel prices have been going up milk prices have dropped at two of our biggest supermarkets. It sounds like awesome news but there is a catch.

The requirements for an animal shelter are so specific that a remodel is essentially new construction. But feeding the homeless can be done effectively (and is probably best done) at the individual and small group levels. Please do yourself and the rest of us a favor and provide a proposal that proves you right.

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Will need to learn 30 song set and willing to travel to various levels of venues across the north west from S/Manc to N/Lancs from pubs/clubs to corporates/weddings. Manchester Greater Manchester North WestWE ARE LOOKING FOR A TECHNICALLY PRECISE AND EXPERIENCED DRUMMER WITH GOOD GENERAL MUSICIANSHIP SKILLS.Both Jezz and I have been in bands before. My last band\’s music was played on Radio 1 and we had interest from major record labels such as EMI and Atlantic..

But note that a brand ambassador need not be a celebrity; a company spokesperson, a customer or domain expert may well an ambassador. For instance, outdoor enthusiasts, inadvertently acting as ambassadors for Woodland shoes while trekking. Or the personal stories shared by consumers in Maggi’s ‘Me and Meri Maggi’ initiative.